Monday, 5 November 2007

Pointer to resources

Andy Loughran said...

That's a pretty good account of one of blogging's limitations. I do find that when I want to append to, or develop, a previous idea, then it's much more difficult on the blog to do that.

I enjoyed your article about big IT projects. I haven't read anything else by you - but was hoping to be pointed to some more resources - so from that perspective I hope it isn't your last blog - even if you only post on an essay a month.

Well, I have no idea whether this will be useful to anyone, but here are some links.
Contains pointers to everything else and a recently added snipe at the hassles of Windows users giving presentations without the benefits of multiple virtual desktops.

A collection of pointers to talks (PDF) given over the years.
Papers and presentations in the EU-funded CoSy robotic project.
The Free Poplog Web site (open source, multi-paradigm program development software, including a lot of AI research and teaching materials -- originally developped at Sussex University, then sold for a while by ISL, until they were bought by SPSS for their Clementine system, implemented in Poplog, after which they had no interest in selling Poplog, so Sussex allowed me to make it available free of charge with open source.)

The SimAgent toolkit (part of Poplog.)

Many discussion notes and papers, including some saved email exchanges and postings to news groups, going back over 20 years.
Includes the rant about large monolithic government projects, like the NHS IT project here.

A not very successful attempt to provide a structured overview of my research activities (and some others) over the last few decades.
Linux on my laptop (Dell D600, then D610, using Redhat then Fedora:
now Fedora 7, including stuff on wireless, software suspend, etc.).

I have probably forgotten something, and it probably doesn't matter!