Saturday, 27 October 2007

Why I am not a blogger

I set up this blog not knowing whether I would make significant use of it or not.

It turned out that I hardly ever added to it or looked at it. I have decided that blogging is not what I am interested in insofar as the blogging mechanism expects me to organise my thought by date, whereas for me the dates are irrelevant: it's the ideas that count.

So instead I create multiple web sites with all sorts of half-baked or more or less than half-baked thoughts and then go on modifying or adding to them when I get new ideas or others send me criticisms or suggestions.

So they are all essentially constantly changing (some more slowly than others) extensions of my mind (or brain). The state of any of them at any particular time is of no more significance than the state of my brain at that time. Both keep changing and developing.

So this may turn out to be my last ever blog post.


Andy Loughran said...

That's a pretty good account of one of blogging's limitations. I do find that when I want to append to, or develop, a previous idea, then it's much more difficult on the blog to do that.

I enjoyed your article about big IT projects. I haven't read anything else by you - but was hoping to be pointed to some more resources - so from that perspective I hope it isn't your last blog - even if you only post on an essay a month.

Pascal said...

You may be interested in, it's like a blog, but without the time line...